McCain: Please Pay Attention to Me…Anyone?

24 07 2008

This recent push by the McCain campaign to portray Obama’s around the world excursion as a joke and the constant media coverage surrounding it as a rather ridiculous love affair to be an interesting move. (The image to the left is one side of a bag tag handed out to the McCain Press Corps)  I know it comes off as whiny and desperate to me; but I think I will wait until I talk to my parents and family to see whether or not they buy it.

I really don’t know quite what to think about all this.  I get where they are going with this, but is this really the way to wage a campaign?  Things have been tough lately for John McCain.  I can sympathize, I mean even George Bush is starting to borrow some of the ideas that Barack Obama has suggested.  We have begun diplomatic relations with Iran, the economy is in the gutter still and Nuri al-Maliki suggested that Obama’s timeline was an appropriate amount of time (despite the massive attempts of the White House to say that Der Spiegel’s translation was bad).

Below is the video that was produced by the McCain campaign in response to the massive attention that Obama’s trip abroad has garnered by the major media networks.

Now, I have to admit this video is catchy; although I would like to think that it is just because I love that song.  But I just have a problem with this notion as a whole.  Are they really that starved for attention?  This is going to be the new focus of the McCain campaign until Barack Obama comes back?  I understood them planting the story about how McCain was almost ready to announce his VP selection and that it could come anytime this week.  That would take the newscycle back from Obama and give him the spotlight right up until the Olympics start.  But that story has for the most part died out as quickly as it started when people realized that Mrs. McCain is currently in Africa and not likely to be making any surprise visits for VP announcements right about now.

As long as the McCain campaign continues to whine incessantly about the unfair treatment that they are receiving from the media, there will also be more attention paid to the remarkably successful trip for Barack Obama.  Everything has gone his way thus far.  All the meetings seem to have been good and the only issue that has arisen has been Abbas making some exaggerated claims; which is probably a good thing for the Obama campaign because he gets to immediately deny the report from the Palestinian leader.  Which is always a popular thing to do in America.

While I can’t say whether this ploy is helping to push an increase in fundraising, solidifying the Republican base or winning over independents.  It just seems so childish to me




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