Oklahoma City Wind?

30 07 2008

It wasn’t bad enough that the NBA and Seattle couldn’t keep their young, but promising team in town.  In the only show of backbone that they had, they forced the new owners to leave the Supersonics logo and name behind when they ran with their tail behind their legs.  Well the people of Seattle will be able to take solace in the fact that the Oklahoma City basketball franchise could have the worst team name in professional sports history.

The Associated Press reported that straight from the Federal Patent Office the team names that the NBA filed patents for were…Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind.

I will hand it to them, the Oklahoma City Barons is a pretty cool name and I would have to imagine the one that they are most likely to choose.  But if they don’t, just imagine the possibilities.

I was inspired by these names to do some exploring on some of the worst team names in professional sports. And I have to say that of the four major professional sports in the United States (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) there are very few that even begin to compare to the Oklahoma City Wind, Thunder or Energy.

But I guess only time will tell





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31 07 2008
Twinkletoes Sugarberry

http://nbainsidestuff.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/the-oklahoma-city-barons/ Barons look real nice. But I think its probably going to be thunder and they just made that report so it would not blow their cover that its going to be thunder. I don’t know how long the Bobcats took but I think this is taking way too long. Just two days ago Westbrook and DJ White took their rookie photo shoot with their summer league jerseys on because they haven’t gotten their real jerseys yet.

15 08 2008

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

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