Appeasement (the good kind)

8 08 2008

It should be no surprise that the issue of Hillary Clinton’s role in this campaign has not been completely decided as of yet.  There are many Obama supporters, myself included, that could not wait for the primaries to be over so that Barack Obama could officially begin campaigning against John McCain and also so that we would no longer have to listen to Hillary Clinton.  And for the most part, she has fulfilled the role that most hoped she would.  To campaign with Barack Obama on occassion, showing her support for him and even helping him with a little fundraising.

No one expected the reconciliation process to be a smooth ride.  The devotion that many of the supporters on both sides had for their candidates, especially given the historic nature of each is a recipe for disaster.  The Hillary supporters felt that Obama hadn’t done enough to help her with the debts that she incurred or shown her the respect that she deserved.  While Obama supporters have been stymied consistently by Hillary supporters who have been wary to jump on the bandwagon from the start.  This all amounts to very little more than hurt feelings, but it will become a significant problem unless things begin to change.

This relationship between the two sides has charted a perilous course, especially now with Hillary Clinton with the much publicized video of Hillary Clinton discussing her role at the campaign and the potential to be included on a first ballot.

Seen here:

This could be dangerous for Obama, or it could be a huge boon for his campaign, depending on how he chooses to play it.  While this obviously angers and frustrates a great number of Obama supporters, it does not have to be the huge deal that it has been made out to be.  Rather, the Obama campaign should seriously consider putting Hillary Clinton on the ballot at the convention and letting her supporters cast their ballots for her.  While it may seem to be a plea for anarchy, it could work to solidify the oft discussed role and preferences of female voters.




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