The VP Debate: A Massacre?

23 08 2008

Without really getting into the selection of Joe Biden.  I can’t express just how excited I am to see the Vice Presidential debate.  It’s already marked in my calendar.  It was clear that he was in part selected for his aggresiveness and the potential that exists for him to be the Democratic attack dog.  Something that has been sorely missed for far too long.

The Vice Presidential Debate has a tendency to be really boring.  More often than not, the safe pick for each campaign is someone who will speak only when spoken to.  Whether it is Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty facing off against Joe Biden the debate is sure to be hilarious.  I’m hoping that the choice is Pawlenty; he’s a little bland, would be selected in part for his youth and location and definitely not known for being feisty. I’m basically picturing the GOP candidate cowering behind the podium.  Oh man I hope that happens.  This could be quite the event.

Biden in 3




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