T-24 Hours

3 11 2008

The polls on the East Coast will close in 24 hours or less and for most that is when the night really gets started.  When we can do nothing else but sit in front the television hanging on the words of each commentator, looking for any semblance of good news from the smallest of blips in voter turnout, voter demographics and the exit polls.  While I am incredibly excited at the prospect that Barack Obama will be our next President and would be considered among the more optimistic about his chances tomorrow; I have to admit that the paralyzing fear has set in.

I ultimately fear that this confidence exhibited by the McCain campaign is not something to be laughed at, like so many continue to do, that they see trends that everyone else has missed.  This is what my life is about right now.  I read each post on Google Reader with the utmost scrutiny searching for some key that will lessen my fears.  But this feeling has taken over.  When I read articles exhibiting the most positive outlooks on Obama’s prospects I can not help but think that maybe the media is really in the tank for him, that we are all setting ourselves up for heartbreak again and that my night will end much like election day four years ago.  When I read the articles discussing McCain’s chances and this upswing in his numbers over the past week, I can’t help but think that my worst nightmare is coming true that all this excitement will disappear without anyone noticing that it’s happening.

Welcome to my life




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