4 12 2008

On my last night in Minneapolis I got to attend the Holidazzle parade.  While this is something that most people I know from Minnesota seem to laugh at and make fun of, I was so utterly charmed.  This is one of those things that you expect from a small town (i.e. Gambier Halloween Parade), but definitely not a large city.  Which was half the fun of it.

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com

When we arrived downtown and began walking to the parade site I was still pretty confused about what exactly Holidazzle entailed.  We got down there probably 15-20 minutes before the parade was to begin and we arrived just in time; picked out a spot on top of one of the statues along the street and watched as the few open gaps in the crowd disappeared.  Other than how cold the statue we sat on was, this was pretty much the perfect spot.  My butt was frozen for the next thirty minutes as we walked around trying to find somewhere to eat after dinner.

As it grew closer to 6:30, the excitement of the kids was so clear, they were all inching farther out into the street, trying to catch a glimpse of the floats.  I was so impressed because the head of the parade was not the grand marshals float, but volunteers from a local food pantry network that were collecting donations.  Target is known for doing a lot for the community and I worked with them while I was at United Way, but I was still really impressed by this gesture.

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com

Each individual segment of the parade got loud cheers from the kids and it was really nice to see the crowd wave to the participants.  Everyone waves too, it’s not just the kids, which was kind of surprising in itself.  Holidazzle is something that seemingly everyone from the Twin Cities area has been in at least once, or at least everyone that I have talked to.

Holidazzle pretty much had it all.  Fairytale characters, Joe Mauer and all those characters and things associated with Christmas.  The Transit bus all lit up was great, although the best part was definitely the spinners on the wheels, but you will just have to imagine that part. Joe Mauer probably had the largest following until the arrival of Santa.  Not a bad one to come in second to though.

I have to admit that on my way down to Holidazzle I was most excited just to hopefully see Bullseye, the Target mascot, it was still a great experience.  Holidazzle is without a doubt one of those heartwarming things that makes you feel good about everything in the world.  Maybe that’s overly dramatic, but watching all the kids crowd the sidewalks, watching them point and wave to the people in the parade and watching their excitement grow waiting for the grand finale and the arrival of Santa was really wonderful.

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com

From dgwallick1 @ Flickr.com




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