I can’t stand Sean Avery

5 12 2008

Yes.  I am a grump and this post will only confirm this, but I don’t care.  Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars absolutely infuriates me; he has zero respect for the game of hockey, the fans and even worse none for his teammates.  This is nothing new.  In his career, he has time and again managed to set the hockey world aflame, all the while achieving Youtube infamy, be it through his incessant diving, his penchant for the dramatic or his all consuming desire to infuriate the other team.

The sad part is that he is a truly talented hockey player.  The issue is whether he is worth it to teams; there is a reason why he gets traded almost every year.  This week he crossed the line, AGAIN:

I like tough players, that are willing to back it up and know how to get under the skin of other players, but this is just too much.  Granted, this is a really fine line to be trying to draw in the sand, and it is impossible to make a hard and fast rule on the words and thoughts of individual players.  This mentality has always been a part of the game and there is nothing wrong with that.

The thing that bothers me most about this is that it was in no way a slip of the tongue, despite how Avery might want to explain it.  The Dallas coach had spent the morning defending Avery to the Canadian press, the PR staff asked if he wanted to talk to the media at all and he said no, then he goes and seeks out the camera to say this.  This was no accident, it was planned and it was way over the line.

I am not one of those hockey fans that gets all shrill about how the game is too dangerous and how they need to stop fighting.  I think that the physicality is one of the best things about hockey and fighting is an integral part of the game.  So I wouldn’t change any of that and generally speaking I think that sports are going a little too far too quickly in terms of cracking down on the players on and off their respective arenas (hello Mr. Goodell, stop suspending people for good hits on quarterbacks).  But in this case I really hope they throw the proverbial book at Sean Avery.  If not the NHL then the Dallas Stars organization.  It is too bad because they spent a lot of money on him, but the team has under performed and he has been a major distraction and not shown those great hands that made him so valuable to the New York Rangers.




One response

5 12 2008

Very talented individual indeed. I just think he’s one of those athletes that will never get it. He’s just becoming a constant distraction for every team he plays for.


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