Oh, Jesse

10 07 2008

It remains to be seen just what Jesse Jackson actually said about Barack Obama just audible enough for a hot mic to pick up.  We know it was bad, given that even Bill O’Reilly won’t air the tape, and most people seem to “know” that this was a bad moment for Barack Obama and for the Democratic Party.

Except it might actually be the best thing that could have happened to Obama right about now.  He’s currently running across the Midwest, Appalachia and Mountain West trying to convince voters that he is a normal guy, not super liberal, not a Muslim and maybe most importantly not planning on representing only African-Americans should he become the next president of the United States.

Who would have thought that Jesse Jackson actually would have helped Barack Obama to garner the support of white people.  Now I realize I am taking a much too broad approach to such a matter and should not talk so generally about white people, or any other demographic for that matter.  But, it should be said that Jesse Jackson is not viewed particularly favorably by a large segment of the population.

This whole big thing could actually be sort of a boon to Obama’s campaign and what he is currently attempting to achieve.  Ultimately, the African-American voting population is not going to leave Obama’s side and go vote for John McCain who has not once cited any plans regarding issues that tend to be the most prominent within the African-American community.  Barack Obama on the other hand has consistently and openly talked about the role that his government would play, while at the same time putting the onus on the people as well. While this may come as being preachy and lecturing to Jesse Jackson; it is the right thing to say, not just for Obama’s chances to become the next President but for those same communities to succeed.  This will hopefully help him be seen not as the candidate of the African-American people, but of all people.

This story should disappear within just a couple days, but in the meantime we should all thank Rev. Jackson for saying something remarkably dumb (again), that just might help Barack Obama’s campaign.  I hope…