Money on Display?

11 07 2008

This is becoming a common question from those of our parents generation and really for that in between generation.  For those people who are currently between the ages of 30-60, that haven’t grown up with the proliferation of Facebook, Myspace, blogs and those websites of the same ilk.  In our parents case, watching their children throw caution to the wind and opening their lives to the digital age and God only knows how many people.  While those 30-40 year old people now watch as their friends and colleagues slow begin to join the movement and begin themselves to contemplate where they should fall in this battle between good and evil (maybe?).

I can’t seem to make up my mind on all of this.  In some respects I am right in the center of it all; I have a blog, tracked my exercising (attempted to at least), use Facebook, do all my finances online, and yet at the same time I feel strangely unnerved by this notion.  But I subconsciously feel like I have not reached that level yet, making up excuses to content myself that I have not opened my entire life to the world of the internet and those in it.  “I only check Facebook when I get an email” or “I only read specific blogs, but don’t post/respond on them” or “I couldn’t ever do LiveJournal” but sadly these excuses no longer suffice.  I am all about Web 2.0 and whatever comes with it, I think.

The reason for this is, an online money management tool that I recently signed up with and subsequently kind of fell in love.  I saw it on Lifehacker and after my rather disappointing experience with Quicken, I decided it was worth a try.  It is really impressive, it probably doesn’t do any more than Quicken, but it is so much more user friendly and I like being able to check my money stuff anywhere I want.  Although I guess that is probably not the best thing in the world.  It is not that much different than my online banking with Bank of America, it does a little more and looks decidedly prettier, but how important is that.  Yet, I love it. To be honest, I was a little surprised by just how much I like Mint.  Up till now, the trend has been decidedly one of these new-fangled toys comes along and I use it for a little while, and grow weary rather quickly before I eventually give up (i.e. my original, now defunct blog; Gyminee; RunnersAhead).  However, I’m not convinced that Mint will share the fate of those other toys that I no longer love.